Live More Sustainably.
Save Money. Change the world.

We’ll help you navigate eco-friendly living the easy way – no preaching or judgement involved!

You’ll save money and help charities too.


Do you worry about the effect our throw away culture has on our planet?
So do we!

Do you feel that you should be doing more to help our environment?

Are you feeling guilty that you haven't started?

Overwhelmed by all of the information out there?

It all sounds a little complicated and like you have to change your lifestyle completely?

Do you think eco-friendly alternatives are expensive?

Would you like to help the charities who are making a difference but don't know which?

Then you're in the right place!

We developed Raising Earth because we felt just like you when we first started on our eco-friendly journey as a family.

Along the way we’ve learnt that you don’t need to be aiming for a completely ‘zero waste’ lifestyle to live more sustainably.

Every action or change you make, no matter how small, counts!

If you have children in the mix it might feel like it’s a lot more complicated, but in actual fact it makes it a whole lot more fun!

If you’d like a little guidance in a fun way and to save money at the same time then we’ve got you covered.



With our easy to follow “Stepping Stones”
We show you that by taking the simplest of actions slowly you will become more eco-friendly!
It’s fun and child friendly so the whole family can get involved.

No preaching or expectations!


Save money!
When you join you’ll get access to discounts on thousands of eco-friendly, zero waste products and services – save up to 50%

Find everything you need in one easy to navigate space!

Save the Planet


Not only will you be helping the planet by taking your own action – we also support a different charity every month.

We’ll show you how, with our help they are making a physical difference in the world.


We’re the Holmes family.

We’re just an ordinary family who believe that when lots of ordinary people come together they can achieve extraordinary things!

We are on our own sustainable journey and would love to share our experiences with you as well as the tips and tricks we’ve learnt along the way.

Are we perfect?
Not by any stretch of the imagination!

None of us have to be perfect we just have to care.




We run regular prize giveaways for our members.

To win you must be an active member at the time that the winner is drawn (the details for this can be found within the membership)


"Some great tips and
Raising Earth has already saved me money and introduced me to things I would never have found otherwise!
I love that they are helping charities too"
"It's like a mini search engine you can use for eco-friendly shopping!"

Become more sustainable the easy way!

Save money on sustainable, eco-friendly products and services.

Help charities all over the world.

For the same cost as a magazine, a coffee and a slice of cake!

Become a member for just £10 per month

Because we believe that protecting the planet shouldn't cost the earth


Not at all!

The majority of our tips and advice are family focused for those who have children that they would like to get involved – whether they are your own children, neices and nephews or grandchildren.

They apply to anyone who is looking to become more sustainable in their every day lives and those who need a little guidance on what to do/try.


There are far too many people out there willing to judge and criticise others for not doing things ‘perfectly’ – it’s not like that here.
Every little change you make really does make a difference.

We’re here to help you discover new ways you can be more eco-friendly, without any judgement.

If something doesn’t work for you, you can just move on and try something else.

No need to change your lifestyle drastically at all!

When you join you will find a guide on how to use the member site and how to use the amazing discounts on offer.

Our discount directory is easy to navigate and simple to use.


We have partnered with eco friendly businesses in the UK, Australia and the USA and many of them offer international shipping.

So no matter where you are you can take advantage of the amazing discounts on offer.

We’re adding more and more businesses every day. If there is a brand that you love that we haven’t already partnered with, let us know and we’ll do our best to get them on board!

When you are a member you will receive regular updates on the charity we are supporting each month.

There will be a library of past charities and all the content showing how much we donated and how it helped so you can see the incredible difference you and all of our members make.

No worries!

We’re all about doing what is right for you, if you join and find it doesn’t work for you don’t worry!

If you sign up to our monthly plan you can cancel your membership and you won’t be charged again.
If you sign up to our annual plan and change your mind within the first month of being a member let us know and we’ll refund you.

Great question!

  • Exclusive discounts from a wide range of eco businesses – you’ll support small businesses run by fab people who appreciate every order they receive.
  • Access to a community of people who feel the same way you do to share ideas as well as your good and bad experiences.
  • Supporting charities every month for no extra cost.
  • Tips and Advice to help you discover and try different ways of being more eco-friendly, to find what works for you. Both within the membership itself and in our private Facebook group.
  • Printable/Downloadable resources including checklists and fun stuff for the kids.

Check out our FAQ page where we answer more questions.

If you still have questions we’d love to help you – head to the CONTACT page and get in touch!