To help your family become more sustainable.

One Stepping Stone at a time.

Everyone has the power to change the world.

And the best part is that it really can be easy and fun!

If you love our beautiful planet and want to make a difference then you’re our kind of person!


Raising Earth was started by us, the Holmes family – Christian, Sharon, Saskia, Malaya and Calista Holmes.

That’s us —>

As a family we have a passion for exploring the world around us, both at home and further afield.
You’ll never find us sitting around all day in a resort, instead you’ll find us immersing ourselves in the local culture, meeting people and trying new experiences.
We believe that travelling and experiencing things for yourselves is far more valuable that the negative effects of travel itself – provided you travel sustainably and respectfully.

Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.



Travel has taught us so much.

About ourselves.

About others.

And sadly about the real consequences of the human addiction to convenience in the form of single use plastics and the complete disregard for nature.

When you get away from the pristine tourist spots and explore the real world outside you don’t have to go far to witness the devastating effect plastic waste is having on our planet.

And that’s what we saw for ourselves on a beach in the Maldives.

We were exploring the islands and came upon a small beach away from the usual tourist spots and can still vividly remember the shock and heartache from seeing the sand completely covered in places by plastic waste – packaging and broken bits of plastic were everywhere.

It was so far removed from the clean, sandy beaches we’d seen so far that it stopped us in our tracks.



Seeing it for ourselves inspired us to start on our own eco-journey.

To do our bit to help further damage and to reduce the damage already done.

It wasn’t an easy journey. From the beginning the sheer amount of information out there was overwhelming. It was hard to know where to start and we were made to feel that we had to do it all perfectly or their wasn’t any point.

We felt we had to do everything all at once.
So that’s what we tried to do.

Trust me when I say that it doesn’t work and it is NOT the answer.

Sustainability needs to be sustainable for you and your family.

So we stopped and took a step back.

We came to terms with the fact that we cannot do EVERYTHING

and what’s more, it really didn’t matter if we did it ‘perfectly’ either.

Instead we discovered that taking our time and introducing things slowly to find what really worked for us helped so much.

It empowered us to try more and more simple actions and we soon realised that those small actions add up quickly to a big impact.

The further we got on our journey the more we felt the desire to help other people to become more sustainable so that they can make a difference too.

The more of us that join together taking simple actions the bigger the effect we can have.

Which is how Raising Earth was formed.



Throughout our journey we have watched countless documentaries, seen and read numerous news stories and the majority of them focus on the seemingly neverending problems with out planet.

It paints a very bleak picture.

To the point where we started to seriously doubt whether our individual actions would make a dent.

But, ever the optimist, Sharon started researching what was being done about these issues.

Through that research we discovered that there ARE positive stories out there and there are thousands of incredible charities/not for profit organisations who are dedicating their time, skills and resources to reversing the damage and tackling the big issues head on.

They are a true inspiration and they are making a real, physical difference, right now.

So that is why we are dedicated to supporting them in any way we can.

We can show you how we can all be a part of these amazing solutions.

We’re so grateful to all the eye opening experiences we’ve had.

We’ve come so far – as a family and as humans.

And we’ll help you feel the same way.


These values are at the centre of everything we do.


We don’t believe in motivating people through fear.
Instead of focusing on the consequences if you don’t take an action we prefer to tell you the positive impact you’ll have if you do!


Who has time for complicated steps?

Out Stepping Stones are designed to be simple and effective and easy to implement.


When kids are involved the best way to get something done is to have fun!

We want you to enjoy your sustainability journey so we have lots of fun family challenges for you to do together.

Sustainability should be 100% positive, simple and fun!


to start living more sustainably and
make a real difference straight away.

We’re starting a movement to help as many families as possible take simple action to make their every day lives more sustainable.

By taking individual actions we collectively make a big difference.

So join us and become the solution to keeping this awe inspiring world as safe as we can.

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