To help your family become more sustainable.

Everyone has the power to change the world.

And it really can be easy and fun!

If you love our beautiful planet and want to make a difference then you’re in the right place!


Raising Earth was started by us, the Holmes family – Christian, Sharon, Saskia, Malaya and Calista Holmes.

That’s us —>

As a family we have a passion for exploring the world around us, both at home and further afield.
You’ll never find us sitting around all day in a resort, instead you’ll find us immersing ourselves in the local culture, meeting people and trying new experiences.
We believe that travelling and experiencing things for yourselves is far more valuable that the negative effects of travel itself – provided you travel sustainably and respectfully.


Have you ever seen the damage being done to the world for yourself?

As a family we have a passion for exploring the world around us both at home and further afield.

We’re not the kind of people to spend our whole time sitting in a resort, we prefer to immerse ourselves in local culture, meet people and try new experiences.

Travel has taught us so much!
About ourselves, others and sadly about the real consequences of the human addiction to convenience and ease in forms such as single use plastics and a disregard for nature.

When you get away from the pristine tourist places and explore the real life outside you don’t have to go far to find the devastating effect discarded plastic waste is having on our planet.

Seeing it for yourself certainly puts it into perspective.
It inspired us to start our own eco-journey.
To do our bit to help prevent further damage and to reduce the damage already done.

It wasn’t easy to start with – the sheer amount of information out there is overwhelming.
It was hard to know where to start and we were made to feel that we should be doing everything all at once.

We tried.
Trust me when I say that it doesn’t work!
Sustainability needs to be sustainable for you and your family.

Instead we discovered that taking our time and introducing new things slowly to find what really worked for us helped so much!

With so many eco-friendly products out there to choose from we created a spreadsheet of our favourites to save us time – if you’re anything like us you’ll know how much time you can waste trawling through Facebook groups and never ending websites for recommendations!

The further we got on our journey the more we felt a desire to help other people take simple actions so that they can make a difference too.

Which is how Raising Earth was formed.

We don’t have that spreadsheet anymore instead we’ve partnered with loads of fantastic eco-friendly businesses and put them all in one easy to navigate place – with exclusive discounts thrown in too!

We’re also supporting charities to help undo the damage done and showing you how with just a small donation you can do something amazing!

We’re so grateful for the eye opening experiences we’ve had.

We’ve come so far – as a family and as humans! 💚

How YOU CAN HELP make a difference...

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We have partnered with a wide variety of fantastic eco-brands to bring you discounts on their products.

When you sign up you gain exclusive access to these discounts.

The discounts allow you to save money on living more sustainably.

Check out the DISCOUNTS page to find out more about the discounts on offer.

In addition to this we strongly felt that we would like to do more and took the decision to donate a high percentage of our profits from your monthly membership payments to charities around the world.

This helps raise awareness for the charities and allows them to use our donation to continue the amazing work they are doing to improve our world.


If we join together to make eco-friendly swaps in our daily lives, commit to travelling as sustainably as possible and support charities together then there is the potential to make a HUGE difference.

By joining Raising Earth today you will be a part of that difference.

So join us and become the solution to keeping this awe inspiring world as safe as we can.

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Because we believe that protecting the planet shouldn't cost the Earth.​

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