Do you worry about the effect our throw away culture has on our planet?
So do we!


You feel like you should be doing more to help our environment...

You're feeling guilty that you haven't started or don't do enough because you've seen all the stories about how bad the world has become...

You've spent hours researching what you should be doing and are overwhelmed by all of the information out there...

It all sounds a little complicated and you don't want to change your lifestyle completely...

You think eco-friendly alternatives are expensive...

You'd like to help charities who are making a difference but have no idea which...

If it does...
Then you're in the right place!


We created Raising Earth because we felt just like you when we first started on our eco-friendly journey as a family.

Along the way we’ve learnt that you don’t need to be aiming for a completely ‘zero waste’ lifestyle to live more sustainably.

Every action or change you make, no matter how small, counts!

If you have children in the mix it might feel like it’s a lot more complicated, but in actual fact it makes it a whole lot more fun!

If you’d like guidance in a fun way and to save money at the same time then we’ve got you covered.


To help you become more sustainable.

Everyone has the power to change the world.

And it really can be easy and fun!

YOU can make a big difference

You don't have to be taking big actions to make a big impact.

You can make a difference by...

It really is very easy.
No perfection required.
And there will be no judgement from us... ever!


And it absolutely can be simple and fun!

It’s easy to wonder if your family can actually make a difference.

If it’s really possible that by making small changes to the things you do every day can have any impact at all.

We’re here to tell you that 100% YES you can and will make a huge difference.

So many people don’t even try. Or maybe they try to do everything they read about, all at once, and it feels so hard, complicated and overwhelming. So they stop.

We’ve been there, we’ve learnt from experience and that is what our Stepping Stones to Sustainability is based on, experience.

We’ve broken it down into simple steps you can take at your own pace to work out what works for you and what doesn’t.

Because you know what? If something doesn’t work out for you, it really doesn’t matter, at least you gave it a shot. Now you can move on to something else!

Change the world in a way that works for you!

Whilst others focus on the negatives.
We focus on the positives.

Wherever you look we are bombarded with negative stories about the environment and the impact humans are having on the world around us.

It’s scary and it causes guilt and anxiety.

This is not helpful!

Instead, we believe that focusing on the positive stories about actions being taken, by both individuals and organisations, is far more motivating.

The positive effects of these actions are incredible but somehow they get missed from mainstream news, where instead, we only hear about the doom and gloom.


We don't teach you about the negative effect of not taking action we teach you the positive effect for every action you take, no matter how small.

So would you rather live with guilt, anxiety and overwhelm
Or take small positive actions that leave you feeling empowered and proud whilst you have fun together as a family?

We’re pretty sure we know which one appeals to you the most!!

Follow our Stepping Stones to Sustainability and within the first month you'll be able to shake those bad feelings and start living more sustainably.


to start living more sustainably and
make a real difference straight away.

We provide everything you need: Simple steps for you to take at your own pace, fun family challenges, educational resources for the kids, interesting and informative workshops, exclusive discounts from eco-friendly brands to save you money and a supportive community to share your journey, questions and ideas.

On top of all this we support a different charity every month to help you make an even bigger impact on the wider world.


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